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-Angry Birds is soooooooooo FUCKING ADDICTIVE!!!!! XD

-Loving the current WWE storyline with CM Punk,Finally an awesome storyline that pretty much no one has hated so far..

-Green Lantern FINALLY comes out this week,still haven't seen Captain America I really wanna see it!!!!

-I know I made this rant/praise/whatever about the DC Relaunch but like I said before,there's really no need for a relaunch but looking how the comic book industry is going due to the economy has been for years now and it's starting to happen again that comic book stores are struggling and/or going out of buissness and also that now Borders is Dead.....what will happen to comics now?  maybe this might work? I hope so but again there was no need to relaunch everything,you want new readers? get them to buy the Trade Paperbacks? that way they can start with that and if they want to start picking up single issues then they will or keep picking the Trades of whatever they want to read,it's not like a person who wants to read comics now,never read a comic in his/her life and starts reading Superman comics from 1938 to now in one setting if he/she wants to do that then awesome if not there are so many stories to choose from and for that person to begin with.

But yes I succombed and picked my titles even though I did say that after Flashpoint I was going to stop buying comics for awhile -in order to save money- so here are the chosen:

-Action Comics(Grant Morrison's ok but I love that Rags Morales is gonna draw it!)
-Teen Titans (Love Brett Booth's artwork)
-Justice League (Geoff Johns and Jim Lee - 'nuff said)
-Aquaman (with Ivan Reis doing the artwork FUCK YEAH!)
-Green Arrow (Dan Jurgens' drawing it so I'm ok with it)
-Justice League International (Intresting)
-Green Lantern
-The Flash ( I really loved Francis Manapul's artwork when he was on the comic)
-Red Lanterns (ED BENES LIKE A BAWS!!!)
-Green Lantern Corps
-Green Lantern : New Guardians

Again godammit DC,just when I was going to go you had me at Hello with your breathtaking artwork and awesome writing. As for marvel I'm gonna finish with Children's Crusade and will start to read Avenging Spider-Man when it comes on Tradepaperback (I <3 Joe Madureira's art)

That's all for now I'm outta here

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Money In the bank was awesome last night!

For once WWE has done an excelent PPV from top to finish,it almost felt like I booked it HAHAHAH! oh man I wish I would have.

-Bryan Danielson won the Smackdown Money In The Bank match! (all involved did one hell of a job there,but man poor Mistico/Sin Cara he really took an awful Powerbomb thru the ladder by Sheamus,even He looked fucking scared that he might have had crippled him because Mistico did land almost neck first pretty much everyone watching around the world cringed in horror as he landed)

-The divas match was just that..bathroom break/get a snack/whatever it's a shame because WWE at least has 2 actual good Women Wrestlers in their roster (Beth Pheonix & Natallya) and they're aren't even booked...oh well

-The Big Show/Mark Henry match was just that....Meh! but ok for a big man match.

-Alberto Del Rio won the RAW Money In The Bank Match again same as the Smackdown MITB match everyone involved did a great job(mostly Evan Bourne,R-Truth and even The Miz did a hell of a good job)say what you will that even the haters had to give him his props,I'm not a fan of Miz,I used to be but I'll give him props for hanging in there -no pun intended- landing badly on the mat then a few minutes went back to the ring limping and all and almost had the briefcase.This was an obvious choice that ADR would win but still props to all involved.

-Christian won the World Heavyweight Title via DQ,The stipulation for this match was that if Randy Orton was Disqualified Christian would win the title,the match was good,even Randy pulled some moves that he hasen't done since 2005/2006-ish,it ended Randy giving a low blow to Christian in front of the referee and awarded the title to him,Randy went ape-shit and took down christian and that's the end of that

-CM Punk did exactly what he said for a month and a half now and that is he was going to walk away in Chicago with the WWE title,the emotion,the match itself it felt like when ECW did the second One Night Stand back in 2006,John Cena booed without mercy and with a passion by the crowd as it was Pro CM Punk (he had the homefield advantage),so many counters to one another,various missed falls,they were beating the shit out each other,and in the crowd Punk's mom was in attendance and Colt Cabana as welll in ringside to support his best friend not just in the wrestling buisness but outside the ring as well,then Vince McMahon appeared with John Laurenitis a.k.a Jonny Ace and ordered to ring the bell,almost like Survivor Series 1997 in Montreal but suprizingly -and one of the many times that even I had to side with cena with this one for a bit but of course I was Pro Punker all the way- Cena took down Johnny Ace with a clothesline and was yelling at him "Not like this,I ain't losing this way" vince backed out then cena went back to the ring and continued the match with punk,he got the 3 count and the entire Allstate Arena in Chicago,many parts in the world and even in Puerto Rico ;) Exploded in joy as CM Punk beat John Cena for the WWE Title.Alberto Del Rio ran to the ring to Cash in the MITB briefcase but got Knocked out by punk,he ran thru the crowd with the title and like something out of a James Bond movie,Punk looked at Vince,he showed him the belt blew him a kiss and ran with the belt as the entire city of Chicago was in full celibration mode as CM Punk kept his word!

it really was a great PPV I might even buy it on DVD

anyway that's all for now Peace and Keep On Rockin'


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......Would be an awesome name for a TV show/Movie/Book but it wouldn't be long and also both are gods among men! :P

Now that I got your attention here we go:


For a while now or a bit more I've found myself reading more DC than Marvel,DC has improved so much both story and artwise than Marvel,ever since Sinestro Corps I can't stop reading Green Lantern (which by the way I finally completed the whole Sniestro Corps Saga) and also Flash or almost anything by Geoff Johns (that fucker can spin a fucking yarn :D) also been hooked on Brightest Day since the begining and also Blackest Night (which I also managed to Collect all the trades and prelude trades) and also learning a lot about The Emotional Spectrum and the diffrent lantern corps adding some mythology to the history of one -in my opinion and many others- underated DC Character (same with Flash,Green Arrow,Captain Marvel [SHAZAM!] and yes even Aquaman) and it's been working like a charm,it's one of DC Comics' top sellers after Batman and Superman and also FINALLY getting the movie treatment (can't friggin wait).

The Flash is another DC title that I love reading currently and I recomend it,I never read much of Flash growing up,not even the Mark Waid run or Geoff Johns' Historic Run and it's a shame that I never did that but I can always pick up the trades (if any of you guys got any recomendations let me know)

I did say that I'm reading more DC than Marvel,mostly because I feel dissapointed with Marvel (except for 2 titles that I'm reading like Thunderstrike and Avengers: The Children's Crusade and also checking out the few good Marvel Annimated Movies and the new Disney XD Avengers Cartoon that kicks so much ass) and also can't wait for the Thor movie and Captain America Movie to come out) it's lacking in stories and sometimes artwork (though they have a few good artists but still not enough) and just going OVERBOARD with the "Big Events" (yeah I know DC's doing the same *shrugs*) it's ok to do them but like only once or twice a year tops,they should really concentrate on developing on other stuff instead of making a "Big Titanic Event" after another,I'm not saying to stop doing them completly..just ease up with them and not do them in a row.

Also been checking out ONI Press with Scott Pilgrim (the movie kicked ass and I loved the books and the game is made of win!!!!!) and a new title called Super Pro K.O by Jarrett Williams,which reminds me that I got to check on Borders if Vol 2. came out :) And now that we finished with the Comic Book news let's move on to:


I would be a fucking liar if I said that I try not to watch it anymore because it dosen't feel the same,I can never deny that I love Pro Wrestling,it's one of my many loves and the many things alongside comic books,animation and music that still brings me some joy when I watch it with close friends or watch it by myself on TV or Live,I can't say no to it even when the sport itself (yes it's still a sport to some of us) is going down in flames,we're marks for it now and forever,watching the breakout stars of the future in either Independent Wrestling or International Wrestling or even in WWE or TNA (I'll get to that in a few) or watching the grizzled vets that can still go and/or are literally running on fumes,Cheering the Goodies,Booing the Baddies,picking our faves both Face,Heel or Tweener or feeling disgusted with those that are there to make a quick buck just because they have hollywood connections and have no passion or even respect for the buissness and really don't give a shit about the true fans,the promotion that have put the machine on them and the people that came before them,always debating of what the company should do with the gimmick or angle or why when a cult favorite goes to the mainstream is watered down by having him Job to talentless hacks or not having an outlet for women to wrestle and not just be eye candy(nothing wrong with that at all) but they can do more than just being managers/valets ,they can also put on great matches (if trained properly unless if it's SHIMMER then there is no problem there since they CAN wrestle and put on awesome matches).

TNA has become a complete dissapointment in my eyes -and to some other fans' eyes- for a long time now,even worse since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have stepped foot into the company,even before that TNA had its ups and downs but still is a dissapointment,I can't even watch it anymore and won't again untill they get their shit together and smarten up like:

-Get rid of the Ex-WWE/WCW Rejects (not all of them because there are a few exceptions in that rule like Mr Anderson,Tara,Winter and Matt Morgan and maybe Pope) and really solidify your home grown talent,you don't need some of Vinny Mac's Sloppy Seconds to get over as company and as the alternative for WWE,Jesus Christ with a roster filled with AJ Styles,Samoa Joe,Kazarian,MCMG,Generation Me,Beer Money,HernandezMadison Rayne,Angelina Love,Sarita just to name a few and maybe hire some non WWE talent that could and/or need the TV exposure,TNA can maybe and just Maybe pull of of that Slump they've been under for years now.FUCK BRING BACK THE WORLD X CUP!!!!!! THAT WOULD GET ME WATCHING AGAIN!!!!!!!

-Kurt Angle is also another disapointment in TNA and it pains me to say it because I loved his work and now it's just so sad to watch him there floundering and just becoming a shell of his former self,it's like a roller coaster,it's fucking sad,then again it's my opinion...

-Need I stress this enough (if you know the words sing along) FIRE RUSSO!!!!!!  FIRE BISCHOFF!!!!!!  FIRE HOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!

But not all is negative because if you don't want to watch WWE or TNA or Neither there's always the Indies/Mexico/Japan/Puerto Rico (although it's also in a slump itself but waaay worse than TNA's Slump)

ROH,Dragon Gate USA,CHIKARA,PWG are pretty much that keep me afloat with my Pro Wrestling Love *smiles*


I don't watch alot of TV really except of a few shows on Adult Swim or Law & Order: SVU or Conan but I can't wait for the new season of Venture Bros to start,I finally got to catch up on Season 4 since I missed pretty much most of the season,so I bought it on DVD and watched it whole :)

Been listening to mostly the Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Both the Deluxe Edition and the Reconfigured) also some Powerglove,The Sword and a few more and the occasional random song or random game/anime soundtrack.

Since I've gotten a PS3 it's been awesome :D I've been playing most recently Yakuza 3,DC Universe Online,WWE All Stars,still haven't tried Mortal Kombat yet so let's see if I can finally get to play it this weekend.

I totally recomend Chris Jericho's Undisputed Book (the long awaited sequel to A Lion's tale [also a good read]) and Pain and Passion: The History Of Stampede Wrestling :D

Th-th-th-that's all,biznatches!!!

Peace and Keep on Rockin'



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