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In a weird sort of way -yet the recuring theme in my fucking life- it's an appropiate title but I'll get that in a bit.

I dunno why this also has to do with the sudden death of Amy Winehouse but I'll tell ya why....

Honestly I could give 3 shits about Amy Winehouse,if you do then don't read this if you don't then fuck it,Granted she was talented in her own right,had a great voice and she could have gone far and still be here today if it wasent for her countless demons she battled over the years,with drug addiction and achohol abuse and going from a gorgeous curvy figure to being almost being nothing but skin and bones....and also part of the company she kept.

Also this article was very intresting,yet eerie but intresting and the fact it's kind of revelant to me since I'm 27 years old and most of the time I feel like I'm at a crossroads with my life (then again I've always feeling like that JEEZ!)
yet I still don't fucking know why I'm like that most of the time,I should really stop feeling like this,stop feeling so miserable and fucking enjoy my life,I have a job,I have the love of a wonderful and devoted woman I should be fucking Happy,walking on sunshine,shitting rainbows,dropkicking ponies and shit (Fucking My Little Pony XD Damn that shit's scary popular today than it was back in the day that EVEN THE BOYS ARE WATCHING!!!) y'know I should be saying "I FINALLY GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER!" yet this always happens when things are going good somehow even without me doing absolutely jack shit except minding my own godammed buissness.

Why does it keep happening? I keep asking most of the times I'm like that "the fuck did I do this time? who in the fucking cosmos did I piss off that I get monumentaly shit on?"

"Karma?" (could be)

"All I'm doing is just minding my buissness,working hard to just survive and have some money to help out at home when I can and I even ask my own folks if they need cash and also have money to buy stuff I like or when I'm with my girl and treat her to dinner or a movie,or be with friends"

Fuck....and I know I shouldn't compain about my life where there are others in even worse situations than mine

oh man I tottaly forgot the fucking article


anyway...I'll try and go on with my day and also got a Shrink's appointment later after work

So Peace out and deuces!


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I sometimes hate to write about depresive sometimes hearbreaking or even gut wrenching shit happens in my personal life,but then again that's what having a journal or blog or whatever else is all about,it can even be a double edged sword most of the time but here we go.....

I really try to keep stuff very private because it's just that private but then again I need to find somewhere to vent or else I might end up hurting somebody or myself or just both in general or cause destruction of property.

Lately..or maybe this has been going for awhile now or the fact that I'm skipping my medication which I really need to fucking stop doing and take the fucking prozac already but anyway on to what I'm trying to vent here:

Many questions come to mind,for those who've known me for a long time if by any chance you're reading this any of you-not just one person but many persons -this goes out to you,if you find it offensive or that I sound ungrateful or whatever the reason,don't take it like that it's just things I got to get out of my chest that are eating me inside and it's not my intention to hurt you beacuse you've never done anything wrong to me except that I feel that there are things that you're either hiding from me or not telling me or don't want me to find out.God knows that the last thing I've ever want is to hurt the ones I care about and I rather hurt myself most of all than to do that

I've never doubted anybody's loyalty -maybe I've had or have and I never noticed because even I'll admit that I'm clueless or slow or sometimes don't see things that even Stevie Wonder can see- but I'm getting vibes that either I'm not wanted anywhere anymore or people don't ask about me,I'm no't writing this to be an attention whore or anything but I'd like to know what the fuck's going on?

Was it something I did? or something I said? Have I offended or made somebody feel bad? I'd like to know because I get the feeling that nobody even the ones I've sworn my life and owe god damn everything to don't even want to know that I exsist? I expect that of maybe people that I barely know or know me and I rub the wrong way but from the people that I love most of all than my own blood,people that I consider like a second family,that has forged a brotherhood thicker than blood itself?

Tell me what I did and I'll do what it takes to make it right,Have I ever asked too much or even anything from you,I've never asked anything in return,not a single fucking thing except that take me as I am,I'm not perfect,never was and never will be and I've taken you as you are because we're all flesh and bone,we're human.

If neither of you don't want anything to do with me or don't want me around then just say so,even if it hurts the both of us deeply,even if it even kills me on the inside.

Just fucking say it!!!!!!

I've failed you,I've become a dissapointment,anything at all if it's that then I won't bother you no longer and I'll just go away,I won't fight or anything at all..I just want awnsers..

if it's not anything like that then what is it? I deserve at least that

Other than that is that I miss you all,I miss the people that I consider and have been like brothers to me,that have been there for me good times and bad times,that we've cried,laughed,enjoyed each other's company together...I really miss those days because they were truly and still are the best days of my life and will be till the day I die because I found acceptance,I found somewhere I belong where I didn't have anywhere I belonged,that also I could make you or everybody else laugh even if I was in severe pain on the inside,as long as you were all laugh and feel good that's all I needed and all of you did that in return,we all helped each other out no matter what!

I understand that a lot has changed in our lives both personaly and profesionaly,most of us have other responsibilities,bills to pay,some are getting married and others are leaving here to go someplace else to survive and make it on their own since not even in the place they've called home,the opportunities have dried up and have to leave everything and everyone behind to do so. I totally understand that and I do want you or all of you do so well and say "That's my bro/sister!!! Look at her/him...they're doing it...they're making it happen!" and feel proud that you're doing so awesome with your life.

I get all of it,really even if it takes me longer,I understand it because that's how life is for everyone.

I just want an awnser good or bad I can take it!

that's all I ask...that's all I really ask.


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Has it really been a year -year and a half I think- since I've actually posted anything at all here?

I've pretty much left this site for dead,not blogging or even vlogging on YouTube anymore...Reality bites I guess or just decided not to this anymore,Fuck I don't even know anymore,you can call this a DrakeoUpdate or whatever you'd like but since the last time I typed anything revelant except the usual first post of the year a Hell of a lot has happened in my life the past whole year I was away from LJ,I could just write like a list of what happened per say but I'm really not going to cause most of it I really rather keep it to myself and I really should stop dwelling on the past and keep on fucking moving.

Sure it's ok to reminise on the "good ol' days" or the "why the fuck did this should have/would have/never should have happened" moments of sheer stupidity or fuck-upperdom (is that even a word? it should be one) but there are times where you should really just move on and keep going foward and not backward,but then again you sometimes go backward when you want to go foward and yet you do it unintentionaly and subconciously (yeah I can be deep who knew eh?) Story of my fucking life that in a way it's almost a trademark of mine!!!

You think of the people that have been there and those who are now with you and still with you and you just are thankful for being there for everything even though now they are not there like before due to simply life,I can't say other responsibilities or other shit like that because it falls in to "Simply Life" we work to survive(put food on the table,pay the bills,ect) and yeah there is the occasional drifting appart or fallout (God knows how many I've been thru and have happened) the changes,ect but again..Reality Bites.

I'm rambling again,am I? I maybe was born a ramblin' man :P

I really needed to vent here...maybe I can do this again and not go off for a year and a half or even two years without writting something,I'm doing this entry at work since I have no internet at home for a week now and until further notice.

Now for some FUCKING GOOD NEWS though,for the past 6 months I've been in(and still going strong) a wonderful,awesome,sweet,simple,geeky,honest relationship and it's also the kind of boost I needed cause I had relapsed again and ended up in another deep depression,then I meet this girl and took it very slow(though we did meet briefly without even knowing each other like we do know and also that some friends that we have in common wanted to hook us up LOL),started to get to know each other,our likes and dislikes,ect.Started going out just as friends..like I said taking it really slow there was slowly starting to feel a connection and started to talk often and see each other when we could and eventually we did hook up on October 17th and we've been a couple ever since and I thank god everyday for finally finding me somebody that is almost an exact perfect personality-wise compatible person that I can be with and also can even Outgeek me in many ways,I.....dare I say it....finally found love....at long fucking last!!!!!!

anyway,got to get back to work,still got a long day to finish...

Take Care,peeps and Keep on Rockin'



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