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This is the first time I try this website

it's very similar to Livejournal....

hope to post more in the future to come
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-Adventures of Dr. McNinja

-Cyanide and Happiness

-Fanboys [not the movie with Kristen Bell -she's hawt-]

-Questionable Content

-PPG Doujinshi/Grim Tales [yeah I'm a sucker for good art XD]

-Player Vs Player

-Axe Cop

-The Hero Biz


Here's some other ones I also been reading recently:

-Supernormal Step



-Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies

-TOGM [The Other Grey Meat]

-Awesome Hospital
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Dexy's rolling in his grave..is he still alive? I forget his real name though....

yep that was a half-assed attempt for a "Dexy's Midnight Riders"/Hurricane Irene joke!!

yeah it sucked just wanted to lighten the mood up a bit...

so far everyone's ok,no fatalities so far,just pretty much the whole island is without power and/or water..

Peace out,peeps!

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-Angry Birds is soooooooooo FUCKING ADDICTIVE!!!!! XD

-Loving the current WWE storyline with CM Punk,Finally an awesome storyline that pretty much no one has hated so far..

-Green Lantern FINALLY comes out this week,still haven't seen Captain America I really wanna see it!!!!

-I know I made this rant/praise/whatever about the DC Relaunch but like I said before,there's really no need for a relaunch but looking how the comic book industry is going due to the economy has been for years now and it's starting to happen again that comic book stores are struggling and/or going out of buissness and also that now Borders is Dead.....what will happen to comics now?  maybe this might work? I hope so but again there was no need to relaunch everything,you want new readers? get them to buy the Trade Paperbacks? that way they can start with that and if they want to start picking up single issues then they will or keep picking the Trades of whatever they want to read,it's not like a person who wants to read comics now,never read a comic in his/her life and starts reading Superman comics from 1938 to now in one setting if he/she wants to do that then awesome if not there are so many stories to choose from and for that person to begin with.

But yes I succombed and picked my titles even though I did say that after Flashpoint I was going to stop buying comics for awhile -in order to save money- so here are the chosen:

-Action Comics(Grant Morrison's ok but I love that Rags Morales is gonna draw it!)
-Teen Titans (Love Brett Booth's artwork)
-Justice League (Geoff Johns and Jim Lee - 'nuff said)
-Aquaman (with Ivan Reis doing the artwork FUCK YEAH!)
-Green Arrow (Dan Jurgens' drawing it so I'm ok with it)
-Justice League International (Intresting)
-Green Lantern
-The Flash ( I really loved Francis Manapul's artwork when he was on the comic)
-Red Lanterns (ED BENES LIKE A BAWS!!!)
-Green Lantern Corps
-Green Lantern : New Guardians

Again godammit DC,just when I was going to go you had me at Hello with your breathtaking artwork and awesome writing. As for marvel I'm gonna finish with Children's Crusade and will start to read Avenging Spider-Man when it comes on Tradepaperback (I <3 Joe Madureira's art)

That's all for now I'm outta here

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In a weird sort of way -yet the recuring theme in my fucking life- it's an appropiate title but I'll get that in a bit.

I dunno why this also has to do with the sudden death of Amy Winehouse but I'll tell ya why....

Honestly I could give 3 shits about Amy Winehouse,if you do then don't read this if you don't then fuck it,Granted she was talented in her own right,had a great voice and she could have gone far and still be here today if it wasent for her countless demons she battled over the years,with drug addiction and achohol abuse and going from a gorgeous curvy figure to being almost being nothing but skin and bones....and also part of the company she kept.

Also this article was very intresting,yet eerie but intresting and the fact it's kind of revelant to me since I'm 27 years old and most of the time I feel like I'm at a crossroads with my life (then again I've always feeling like that JEEZ!)
yet I still don't fucking know why I'm like that most of the time,I should really stop feeling like this,stop feeling so miserable and fucking enjoy my life,I have a job,I have the love of a wonderful and devoted woman I should be fucking Happy,walking on sunshine,shitting rainbows,dropkicking ponies and shit (Fucking My Little Pony XD Damn that shit's scary popular today than it was back in the day that EVEN THE BOYS ARE WATCHING!!!) y'know I should be saying "I FINALLY GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER!" yet this always happens when things are going good somehow even without me doing absolutely jack shit except minding my own godammed buissness.

Why does it keep happening? I keep asking most of the times I'm like that "the fuck did I do this time? who in the fucking cosmos did I piss off that I get monumentaly shit on?"

"Karma?" (could be)

"All I'm doing is just minding my buissness,working hard to just survive and have some money to help out at home when I can and I even ask my own folks if they need cash and also have money to buy stuff I like or when I'm with my girl and treat her to dinner or a movie,or be with friends"

Fuck....and I know I shouldn't compain about my life where there are others in even worse situations than mine

oh man I tottaly forgot the fucking article


anyway...I'll try and go on with my day and also got a Shrink's appointment later after work

So Peace out and deuces!


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Man! Has it really been 7 years since I've started writting here? Time does fly by too fast...God I'm old XD anyway let's hit them keyboards for yet another Terryupdate:

Now that I got your attention here we go:

Not much to update here really except that other than reading "Flashpoint" I've also been reading a lot of Webcomics: here are some of the titles I'm reading while on the intrawebz while in here or facebook or twitter (follow me if you want to @Drakeo2point0) :

-Adventures of Dr. McNinja

-Cyanide and Happiness


-Questionable Content

-PPG Doujinshi/Grim Tales [yeah I'm a sucker for good art XD)

-Player Vs Player

-Axe Cop

-The Hero Biz


That's pretty much it,if you wanna check em out,do so if not then don't.

It's Straight SImple!


If you've been living under a rock for the past month or so or haven't watched in a long time then you're missing at least some stuff worth mentioning for:

Since June 27 all the wrestling world/universe whichever you prefier to say have been praising (myself included cause I'm a fucking mark still am and will be till the day I die) or hating on or just plain confused like sara pailn's face about CM Punk's now legendary "Shoot" promo on Monday Night RAW,the internet even the world stood still on that night as we all witness a new legend being forged and it hasen't stopped since.

For once in a long time (I could be wrong) since WWE went "PG" is doing an edgy storyline without forcing too much of Cena (though it can't be denied that they have to do it and of course he's part of it) down the people's throats also building stars (what they should have been doing a long time ago) so I'll say it once and I'll say it again: VINCE MCMAHON YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS!!!!! or whoever let this florish to the point that even the true naysayers WANT to buy this PPV for Punk's "Swan Song" in Chicago (yeah we all know he's not going away,just to at least take a break and recharge his batteries and even pop up now and then in Colt Cabana's Art Of Wrestling Podcast [TOTALLY WORTH LISTENING EVERY THRUSDAY!!!])

I've been hard on TNA lately but I will lay off a bit this time because they really tried their best to get back to the formula that made them work all those years ago with last sunday's Destinantion X PPV because they focused on giving the PPV to bring back the X-Division for old time's sake and it was working but then Typical TNA they somehow managed to fuck it up in the process oh well C'es La Vie I guess,but still I'll give them props on putting some talent over and giving oportunities to other wrestlers and not turning it into the "Hogan/Bischoff Let's kill this company and bleed it dry while Dixie Carter stands there looking like a insipid dumb twat (I apologize to some of the ladies reading this in advance) and watch a company that she helped form for almost 10 years go to the fucking ground but wants to really be WWE" (Long title I know)

If they can pull an effort like this,then it might....MIGHT....help them to get better and not really try to duplicate WWE in anyway whatsoever..then again it's been said before so many times I've lost track.

Also..."Joker" Sting?

WHAT THE FUCK? Really??  I will admit though looking at this pic it made me laugh MAYBE I'll give it a chance maybe not...Guess I'm watching TNA again this thursday again just for shits and giggles.

Back to WWE again = Zack Ryder,Scott Standford,Evan Bourne,Daniel Bryan,Sin Cara,Justin Gabriel,Wade Barrett,Drew McEntyre
,Dolph Ziggler

*smacks evnelope in the head gently,opens it and blows on it*


End of WrestleTalk for now!

Those who have known me for years know the love I have for Transformers and my passionate disgust for Michael Bay's handling the way he made the movie(at least he did something right when he cast -mostly by the fans- Peter Cullen to repirse his world famous role as Optimus Prime and also on the recent one by replacing megan fox and also not using those FUCKING racist twins from "Revenge Of The Fallen") Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was Suprizingly Good,and the man who wrote the screenplay Ehren Kruger (who co-wrote the last one) took the screenplay by himself and did an excelent job in not only pleasing the fans of the "Bayformers" (as I call those that like this version of Transformers) but also the Generation One fans and others a like. I loved that there were so many refrences to the cartoon that I geeked out,maybe the only pet peeves other than using linkin park as the main soundtrack AGAIN!! (C'mon Stan Bush needs this more than them!)and also that I really can't stand Sam's Mom SHE NEEDS TO DIE (the character not the actress she's actually good) is the fact that Leonard Nimoy (I have nothing against him really but only this time this is what I don't like of him) after 25 years or so Bashing and Shitting on Transformers saying -and it's documented and if I'm wrong feel free to correct me- that he HATED them and HATED working on the animated movie back in 1986 (ONE OF MY FAVORATE MOVIES EVAH!!!!) and just ranting on how bad it was for him all of a sudden he's the fucking voice of Alpha Trion or Sentinel Prime as he was called in the movie and on the "Bayformers" Universe and has his fucking likeness,it's basicaly a giant robotic Nimoy with a Fu manchu Mustashe/Goatee combo!!! WHAT...THE...FUCK!!!! it's was one of those times where I said to Nimoy... "FUCK YOU SPOCK YOU FUCKING VULCAN HYPOCRITE ASSHOLE!!!" but other than that,I also loved the fucking cameos of John Malcovitch,Frances McDormand,Ken Jeong (He's fucking everywhere these days) Patrick Dempsey and Alan Tudyk (LOOOOVED HIS CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE STEVE THE PIRATE LIKE A MOTHAFUKAAAAAAAAAAH!!!)

TV..not much except watching Conan on TBS cause he's FUCKING CONAN O'BRIEN!!! and occasionaly Lopez Tonight! :)

Music..Got into Eyeshine (Johnny Young Bosch's Band) the usual songs that I love and never get tired listening,Hailstorm's cover of Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" was very well done! and looking for other bands or singers that catch my eye and also the occiasonal "FUCK I HAVE THIS FUCKING SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD" song :D

Games.....I've cut back in Gaming,except playing Mortal Kombat,Super Street Fighter 4 (downloaded the Arcade Edition and it was cool,Evil Ryu looks so fucking Bad Ass) WWE All Stars and downloading some like Streets Of Rage 2 (I'm soo waiting for Comix Zone to be Downloadable) even Bonk's Adventure (haven't played that game in ages)

Thats pretty much it so Peace and Keep on Rockin'!!!



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(Yeah I know I said I wasen't going to abandon the LJ then again who the fuck reads this anymore? I'm suprized this still exists but whoever is still reading this,thank you and I'll try not to bore you)

so on to ze update,ja?:

Now that I got your attention here we go:


Well for those who have been living under a rock for the past month or so (mostly myself in a way :P) DC Comics has decided to reboot their entire universe (or Clensing or in my words and many of the few "Another Crisis") in September with 52 titles all starting with new designs and new creative teams and with a #1 with everything,this includes the core titles like Detective Comics,Action Comics,Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,JLA,Green Lantern,Green Lantern Corps,Flash,Green Arrow and Aquaman. Also with the new changes there will be new titles including the return of Justice League International and Attrocius and the Red Lantern Corps will get their own series

The news of this -like most changes in pop culture- has its mixed reviews,some like the idea,others hate it,few are like "meh" but we'll see what will happen this september with the new-new-new-jesus-christ-why are-they doing-this?- new DC Universe.So the chances of seeing Action Comics and Detective Comics hit the #1000 mark for historical purposes? NOT FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!

Don't get me wrong,from what have seen with some of the creative teams that are on board with this I'm tottaly pleased with some of it but was it really tottaly necesary to grab all the titles and just go "We want more new readers so let's start from scratch with......EVERYTHING!!!!" that's something Marvel would do,then again...it's the comic book buissness so it's pretty much the norm,DC dosen't need to do that sure they can get rid of a few titles,not make too much huge MEGA EVENTS or plan many ongoing series then cancel them half thru.
I think IMAGE or Top Cow or even ONI Press hasen't done that,that I know off,Maybe it was a blessing that I never got into the buissness myself in a way,I dunno really.

Other than that I'm on board with the whole "Flashpoint" gig so far it's going great,let's see what happens and hope it dosen't get stale like it was starting with Brightest Day like Halfway thru the end..


Not much to say here except FUCK TNA or IMPACT Wrestling like its want to be called now,Still not watching and I'll never will again untill they either get their shit straight and Fire the cancer that is Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff  or wait untill Vinny Mac Buys it and then uses most of the TNA Roster and place them in the Mid-Card or simple future endevored them all to obvlivion or keep those than can work and push them to the moon,we'll just have to wait but for now we all play the waiting game.....

ROH has new owners....they have good intentions from what most of the talent have said in various interviews or on their own Facebooks/Twitters,they did keep Cary Silkin on the payroll to help out the company so That's good at least,right?

Still loving Dragon Gate USA.....man Gabe Sapolsky should have his own place in the Vatican,I'm just saying :D


Hangover 2,Kung Fu Panda 2,Bridesmaids = Go See them

Priest  = Love the concept but the movie was god awful and mostly it's the type of movie you would see on SyFy

Anyway that's all fo' now and fo' shizzle!!



Peace,Keep on Rockin' Take Care,Spike Your Hair and all that Jazz


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......Would be an awesome name for a TV show/Movie/Book but it wouldn't be long and also both are gods among men! :P

Now that I got your attention here we go:


For a while now or a bit more I've found myself reading more DC than Marvel,DC has improved so much both story and artwise than Marvel,ever since Sinestro Corps I can't stop reading Green Lantern (which by the way I finally completed the whole Sniestro Corps Saga) and also Flash or almost anything by Geoff Johns (that fucker can spin a fucking yarn :D) also been hooked on Brightest Day since the begining and also Blackest Night (which I also managed to Collect all the trades and prelude trades) and also learning a lot about The Emotional Spectrum and the diffrent lantern corps adding some mythology to the history of one -in my opinion and many others- underated DC Character (same with Flash,Green Arrow,Captain Marvel [SHAZAM!] and yes even Aquaman) and it's been working like a charm,it's one of DC Comics' top sellers after Batman and Superman and also FINALLY getting the movie treatment (can't friggin wait).

The Flash is another DC title that I love reading currently and I recomend it,I never read much of Flash growing up,not even the Mark Waid run or Geoff Johns' Historic Run and it's a shame that I never did that but I can always pick up the trades (if any of you guys got any recomendations let me know)

I did say that I'm reading more DC than Marvel,mostly because I feel dissapointed with Marvel (except for 2 titles that I'm reading like Thunderstrike and Avengers: The Children's Crusade and also checking out the few good Marvel Annimated Movies and the new Disney XD Avengers Cartoon that kicks so much ass) and also can't wait for the Thor movie and Captain America Movie to come out) it's lacking in stories and sometimes artwork (though they have a few good artists but still not enough) and just going OVERBOARD with the "Big Events" (yeah I know DC's doing the same *shrugs*) it's ok to do them but like only once or twice a year tops,they should really concentrate on developing on other stuff instead of making a "Big Titanic Event" after another,I'm not saying to stop doing them completly..just ease up with them and not do them in a row.

Also been checking out ONI Press with Scott Pilgrim (the movie kicked ass and I loved the books and the game is made of win!!!!!) and a new title called Super Pro K.O by Jarrett Williams,which reminds me that I got to check on Borders if Vol 2. came out :) And now that we finished with the Comic Book news let's move on to:


I would be a fucking liar if I said that I try not to watch it anymore because it dosen't feel the same,I can never deny that I love Pro Wrestling,it's one of my many loves and the many things alongside comic books,animation and music that still brings me some joy when I watch it with close friends or watch it by myself on TV or Live,I can't say no to it even when the sport itself (yes it's still a sport to some of us) is going down in flames,we're marks for it now and forever,watching the breakout stars of the future in either Independent Wrestling or International Wrestling or even in WWE or TNA (I'll get to that in a few) or watching the grizzled vets that can still go and/or are literally running on fumes,Cheering the Goodies,Booing the Baddies,picking our faves both Face,Heel or Tweener or feeling disgusted with those that are there to make a quick buck just because they have hollywood connections and have no passion or even respect for the buissness and really don't give a shit about the true fans,the promotion that have put the machine on them and the people that came before them,always debating of what the company should do with the gimmick or angle or why when a cult favorite goes to the mainstream is watered down by having him Job to talentless hacks or not having an outlet for women to wrestle and not just be eye candy(nothing wrong with that at all) but they can do more than just being managers/valets ,they can also put on great matches (if trained properly unless if it's SHIMMER then there is no problem there since they CAN wrestle and put on awesome matches).

TNA has become a complete dissapointment in my eyes -and to some other fans' eyes- for a long time now,even worse since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have stepped foot into the company,even before that TNA had its ups and downs but still is a dissapointment,I can't even watch it anymore and won't again untill they get their shit together and smarten up like:

-Get rid of the Ex-WWE/WCW Rejects (not all of them because there are a few exceptions in that rule like Mr Anderson,Tara,Winter and Matt Morgan and maybe Pope) and really solidify your home grown talent,you don't need some of Vinny Mac's Sloppy Seconds to get over as company and as the alternative for WWE,Jesus Christ with a roster filled with AJ Styles,Samoa Joe,Kazarian,MCMG,Generation Me,Beer Money,HernandezMadison Rayne,Angelina Love,Sarita just to name a few and maybe hire some non WWE talent that could and/or need the TV exposure,TNA can maybe and just Maybe pull of of that Slump they've been under for years now.FUCK BRING BACK THE WORLD X CUP!!!!!! THAT WOULD GET ME WATCHING AGAIN!!!!!!!

-Kurt Angle is also another disapointment in TNA and it pains me to say it because I loved his work and now it's just so sad to watch him there floundering and just becoming a shell of his former self,it's like a roller coaster,it's fucking sad,then again it's my opinion...

-Need I stress this enough (if you know the words sing along) FIRE RUSSO!!!!!!  FIRE BISCHOFF!!!!!!  FIRE HOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!

But not all is negative because if you don't want to watch WWE or TNA or Neither there's always the Indies/Mexico/Japan/Puerto Rico (although it's also in a slump itself but waaay worse than TNA's Slump)

ROH,Dragon Gate USA,CHIKARA,PWG are pretty much that keep me afloat with my Pro Wrestling Love *smiles*


I don't watch alot of TV really except of a few shows on Adult Swim or Law & Order: SVU or Conan but I can't wait for the new season of Venture Bros to start,I finally got to catch up on Season 4 since I missed pretty much most of the season,so I bought it on DVD and watched it whole :)

Been listening to mostly the Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Both the Deluxe Edition and the Reconfigured) also some Powerglove,The Sword and a few more and the occasional random song or random game/anime soundtrack.

Since I've gotten a PS3 it's been awesome :D I've been playing most recently Yakuza 3,DC Universe Online,WWE All Stars,still haven't tried Mortal Kombat yet so let's see if I can finally get to play it this weekend.

I totally recomend Chris Jericho's Undisputed Book (the long awaited sequel to A Lion's tale [also a good read]) and Pain and Passion: The History Of Stampede Wrestling :D

Th-th-th-that's all,biznatches!!!

Peace and Keep on Rockin'

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it's christmas for all the cannabis-hittin peeps out there!


have a good one!

I don't partake in it myself but still

it's 4/20

keep on blazin'



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