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man I haven't wrote shit here in a long ass time so a lot has happened right?

Yes and No

-Still Single

-Watched a crapload of movies

-Finished Ghostbusters the game and it was awesome!

-WWE Smackdown/ECW live was awesome

-Still Medicated (got used to it who fucking knew)

-WWE RAW is funnier when you watch it with a group

-Lost a few pounds then gained a bit then lost again

but other than the random jibber jabber I do there are finally some good news:


(well at least thanks to Rehabilitacion Vocacional,those fuckers finally came thru for me and kept their promise)

Celebration times are finally here,biznatches!!!!!

(good luck at the 'E',Bryan and hope you don't get buried or stuck with a shitty gimmick)

oh and I started doing the DrakeoVlogs again but other than that things are finally turning around

so peace and keep on rawkin' my peeps thank you for always supporting me (you know who you are)

and to all my haters,the people that I thought that were my friends and decided to turn their backs on me and thought I was going to fail:

All you haters can kiss my geeky ass!!!!!! for ever doubting me and rooting for me to fail at everything

also this guy:


till then!


(I promise that the new D-Vlog will be posted)

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Mitsuharu Misawa

This goes out to all the wrestling fans from around the world,especialy those who have followed the Japanese Pro Wrestling (Puroresu) Scene......One of the greatest has fallen at the age of 47 tonight: Mistuharu Misawa...

For those who don't know about this man here's a little bit of his bio and his acomplishments:

Mitsuharu Misawa was the Japanese high school national wrestling champion at 187 pounds in 1980, and was recruited by Giant Baba into All Japan Pro Wrestling. He gained his first taste of stardom in 1984 when he was chosen to be the second Tiger Mask. After unmasking in 1990, he became an even bigger star after a series of singles matches with Jumbo Tsuruta.

He was Japan's biggest pro wrestling star of the 90s, and one could make a strong case for him as the top wrestler of the decade. He was the Wrestler of the Year in 1995, 1997 and 1999. Misawa would form Pro-Wrestling NOAH in 2000. He had engage in epic battles against Toshiaki Kawada, Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama, and many more. He was a 3-time GHC Heavyweight Champion, 2-time GHC Tag-team Champion, 5-time All Japan Triple Crown Champion, 2-Time All Japan All Asia Tag Team Champion, and 6-time All Japan Unified World Tag Team Champion. As NOAH's president and active competitor, he would take the time to venture off to other promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Emerald Flowsion, Tiger Driver, Tiger Suplex 85 and Tiger Driver 91 are a few of the moves he used, not to mention he invented them.

On June 13, 2009, after receiving a backdrop from Akitoshi Saito during a tag team match with Go Shiozaki against Saito and Bison Smith at Hiroshima Green Arena, Misawa lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital. He was pronounced dead in the hospital at
10:10 pm.

We lost a legend, someone that made us scream out of no where with his intense matches, someone who made us scream 5 Stars match in our rooms, someone who was a "true" wrestler.

The List Of Opponents is like a who's who of the wrestling world from the past and present like:

Toshiaki Kawada, Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama, Stan Hansen, Akira Taue, Yoshihiro Takayama, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Naomichi Marufuji, Takeshi Morishima, Genichiro Tenryu, Satoshi Kojima, Yuji Nagata, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Samoa Joe, Masahiro Chono, Jushin Thunder Liger, Hirooki Goto, Shinsuke Nakamura

Godspeed,Misawa-sama,your matches were ever so epic....

Rest In Peace


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Terryman's got a brand new bag....of updates:

-Pretty much things have been in the evenside so to speak,and also people have been noticing the changes with me lately,that's got to be something good right? anyway moving on:

-If You Haven't seen this movie yet,you should,you don't even have to be a wrestling fan to see this movie,though it was a sad movie it was well written
well done,Mickey Rourke's performance was indeed a masterful performance,I saw this movie twice,and Rourke as well as everyone involved in the movie should be praised,it was well done also it has one of those endings that leaves you like "......" I will not spoil this movie,you be the judge of this.

-Pretty much I've been also catching up on some comics,still reading Captain America,Transformers: All Hail Megatron and Legion Of 3 Worlds (Superman Prime like a mothafuka) and re-reading Watchmen to pump myself for the movie and also to see what did they cut out of the movie (LOL yes I'm THAT much of a geek) and if they did cut some stuff and added somethings for the movie then I'm still going to see it(despite tolerating My Chemical Romance being in it and also having a song on the soundtrack)
I'm looking foward also to Tom Beland's Sequel to his fantastic four one shot "Isla De La Muerte" called "Bahia De La Muerte",I'm very proud for tom for his success and I already reserved my copy so looking foward to it ^^

That's Pretty much it so far so take care and keep on rockin

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Welcome to the first post of 09,only 2 weeks into the new year and it fucking sucks! (Surprising but not)

time for an update:

-Still no job
-Reached a critical emotional meltdown
-Back into Anti-Depressants (Please don't ask me the names of it I really don't fucking know)

pretty much same old shit,but I'm still here am I?

-I really can't wait to see "The Wrestler",I wish it could come early instead of February 5th here in PR,that's some awesome news,at least it's coming here.

-That's pretty much it,so far the year has been suckish and we're only 2 almost 3 weeks into it let's hope that as the year keeps up,it will get better..

-TNA's coming back to Puerto Rico,I dunno if I should go to the show since I've stopped watching TNA for almost 6 months,so it's a maybe but I'm still not sure...

Anyway I'm out this piece!


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Eeeeeeeeeeey time for another update from yours truly:

-Still with the whole job placement program....

-Still doing the DrakeoVlogs :)

-I've recently started to go to a Psychologist to,get a shit load of stuff of my chest and have like an emotional stability with me.So things are FINALLY going awesome with me,I'm showing great progress so far..

That's got to be good right? :)

-Been Reuniting with a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile,one of them was with Benji,for those who don't know he used to be the owner for The Wrestling Store in San Patricio and has been one of the most humblest,truly awesome human beings I've ever met,he treated me like family and also was responsible for giving me my first 2 jobs,I am eternally grateful for his kindness and also that he gave me a chance when others never did.I got teared up a bit when I saw him cause he's like a mentor the same way as Tom Beland is to me,I haven't seen Benji in almost 2 years and it was so good to catch up with him,thankfully all is fine in his life also we talked about the good days when the store was ins business and such,it was very good to reconnect with him.

-Marvel's been doing good lately mostly with Captain America still written by Ed Brubaker if you've missed pretty much all the issues or some of the recent arcs they're already on TPB, or missed the first 25 issues of the current Captain America comic up to his death there's the Onimbus,I started reading it again from #25 up to now and I love it,though I still say that Steve Rogers' Death was retarded it was handled well,I have too say better when Superman "died" back in 92.Also recomended comic reading(you don't have to get the issues if you don't want you..you can wait for them on Trade Paper Back):

-Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds
-Transformers: All Hail Megatron
-The Age Of The Sentry

that's pretty much what I'm reading.

-ROH is getting pretty awesome lately,I know what I want for christmas/Dia De Reyes,some ROH swag,that's pretty much what I'm gonna do with my x-mas/Dia De Reyes shopping.I still want to get some more CHIKARA DVDs to review and support them :),WWE's been with a hit and miss lately,Pushing some stars that deserved to be pushed,Edge Coming back looking awesome with his Viking-esque Beard!!(that's the hit),John Cena returning and winning the RAW title therefore wasting potential months of WWE programing getting better(that's the miss),TNA..is still SHIT! for the love of god,jarretts and dixie carter: STOP IT WITH THE BULLSHIT ANGLES AND PUSH YOUR HOMEGROWN TALENT!!!

oh and before I close this YOU!!!!! THE DRAKEO NATION,TERRY-HOLICS(for those LJ only users) I NEED YOUR HELP FOR THIS ONE:

I'm very close to having my 100th video posted on YouTube and I need your skills for this one,make some artwork or do a short clip about the 100th like "Congrats on the 100th video" something like that or do a video shout out and I'll add it to it when I edit it,take pictures with signs,something like that show me some of that Drakeo Love,Peeps it's because of you that I do them for so...you can send your pics and/or short video clips (it has to be either in .wmv or .avi format for Windows Movie Maker) to my Gmail address:


there's no deadline yet but I'm 4 videos away from breaking the 100th mark on my YouTube Channel and of course you'll be credited in the video :)

so I'm out for now that's pretty much the update



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I want to see it....

if it doesn't come here to PR in theaters..I am so getting it on DVD

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*sighs* here we go with another "Weekend Of Thunder" but it really started between Wednesday till yesterday:


-As most of you know,Hurricane Season is always crappy to many people and also where people go ape shit in getting the supplies and being ready in case the shit gets heavy or there's always a group of idiots or one lone idiot that ruins it for everybody by being that: AN IDIOT!.What I hate most of all of Hurricane Season besides the fucking thing coming down on the island and shoving us to the Dark Ages for a period of time because of the devastation,and also most people lose everything they hold dear with the hurricane's path is how my dad reacts to the whole thing BEFORE THE FUCKING THING HITS THE ISLAND! therefore driving me and my mom insane with his "OH SWEET JESUS THAT THING IS COMING AND WE'RE GONNA DIE!!" ape shit mode!,I tried to calm him down but sadly that never works,nothing works trying to help my dad be calm,also that I had like an award ceremony for those that participated in the Mentor Program from that Friday I worked on the TV Station,it got canceled and re-scheduled for next week,so since the thing was canceled I stayed home and I was going to catch on my sleep...FUCKING WRONG I had to help my dad -in his ape-shit mode- literally remove part of the house because he was fucking scared that everything would fly out of control and smash everything(valid point but most of the stuff was not going to fly out plus our house is made of cement,it's not an atomic bomb,it's a hurricane,we've survived plenty of hurricanes and our house still stands)but it would smash his precious MGB car (one of the many sources of the constant stress between the family) so we basically tied up everything and placed most of the stuff from the garage inside the house,oh but the Tragicomedy doesn't end there..we ended up fixing a window that could have been fixed in a later time because there was no rush but once dad is in Panic Mode it had to be done,we were glued to the TV -mostly my dad still in panic mode- to see the news bulletins about Hurricane Omar (first it was a tropical storm and quickly upgraded into a Category 1 Hurricane and its path was half of the Island including Vieques and Culebra) and we were just a mere 3 Weeks removed from a big ass Tropical Storm that caused devastation in some parts of the island by causing landslides,floods,countless of homes lost because of them,5 people died during that storm,we were OK but we were mostly thinking about those people that lost everything in that storm and they were going thru another one.

-And after all that,it turned out that the hurricane missed the island completely but still hit in some parts of it and rained heavily thru out the rest of the night and the next day.

-Also that before Omar was going to "Hit" PR,I got my Ipod back from Florida and fixed so it works now,so at least I could have my tunes and some vids to pass the time while the Hurricane hit the island but enough about that,the most important thing is that I was suprized that most of us actually prepared themselves in case the real shit was going to go down and it made me proud that we accomplished a little order in that,but then there was other people going nuts getting water and flashlights and canned goods,like monkeys flinging shit to each other while hopped on Red Bull...

"Barely Out Of the Fucking Jungle!"

-Also during that madness,I went back to the Shrink's Office after not being there for 3 years because most importantly I needed some documents that he had to fill up in order for Vocational Rehabilitation to help me find a job,The shrink insisted to see me,I had time and also I didn't want to go back home early while my dad was in his Panic Mode while Big Bad Omar was going to pimp slap the island like it owes it money in a few hours so sure why not and also the quicker he fills up those papers,the sooner I can give them to VR and they can help me finally find a job,so he analyzed me and basically I told him the truth in why I stopped going to his office and what was I up to since the last time I saw him 3 years ago while he filled up the papers,he did filled up the papers and I went to Subway and ate there then headed home where dad was still in his mood,then the news hit that the hurricane went away from PR.

And we were safe once again..


-Things got back to normal immediately,but still it was raining and cloudy,my dad woke me up -still in his panic mode but slowly shutting down but still was getting too pushy- to put everything back to normal,untie the heavy stuff and put everything back to where it was,while still in that he was spazing out and after I finished doing most of the work,I rested a bit and napped a bit then he woke me up again and was still spazing and asking me what was I going to do today,we went to the VR building to hand deliver the papers,while he waited in the car,I went ahead and gave the papers to my councilor and my dad was being very impatient and really pissing me off because he was being this way because he wanted to go out and get hammered I basically shut him up by saying "I know you want to get hammered but delivering these papers are MUCH more important than you getting drunk plus we got a big day tomorrow so no heavy drinking" (when will I fucking learn that saying it won't work because he'll do it anyway,someday I'll explain you guys on why me and my dad don't have that good father/son relationship someday,I don't hate him,I love him but it's some of the things he does that doesn't draw us together like it should and about the 'Big Day' that's coming up soon) so he dropped me off on the train station and headed to the Frat House to get hammered,and I stayed there waiting for the bus to come and also I haven't ate the rest of the day,went to plaza,stayed a bit,met up with Diego then left our separate ways I walked on foot heading to the train station,went home and that was it,my dad came later,extremely hammered...

*sighs* Story of my fucking life,I really got to move out of the house or at least have a job to keep me occupied.

Friday(a.k.a The Big Day):

-Why the big day you ask.because it was the day that my newborn baby niece arrived.She was originaly going to be born today but the doctor seeing my sister in law decided that the c-section should be done before that,so instead of being born on the 20th like it was supposed to be,my niece was born on the 17th,we all went to the hospital and were there to give them support,it took the hospital arround 12 to 16 hours to give my sister the c-section because there was only one room to do so,emergencies started to pour in like crazy,Estela Monireh(that is my niece's name and I will call her 'Moni' for short)there was a small scare but everything turned out fine
thank god,we all saw her spent the rest of the night there.

-I called and texted everyone to tell them about the good news,it was a good day indeed :)

(thanks to the many of you that sent their prayers about my niece,I totally appreciate it ;) much love to you all)

(picutres will be posted soon)



-I was getting ready for the RAW House Show,before heading to the choliseo,I spent the rest of the day at the hospital checking up on my sister in law and the newborn baby,spent some time there,called up Juanqui to meet me at the hospital to eat well before heading to the choli,because he was rushed with many things he left his ticket back at his place (lucky for him that he was staying over this weekend at his folks' apartment and left it there and on the train he could get there quickly) so he went back to the train to get the ticket,I stayed at the hospital a bit more but I couldn't wait for him much longer since it was getting dark and I had to hurry to the choli,so I took the train to the choliseo and went to the line,he arrived in the nick of time when the gates opened,went to the show,met up with a shitload of people,I almost got trampled by the sudden rush of people going to ringside to the guardrails to get pics of Batista and Rey Mysterio and almost elbowed poor Juanqui in the face because of the frenzy,Met up with some old friends,I saw my godmother's husband with his kids at the show,snagged some awesome shirts(Santino Shirt for the EPIC WIN!)met up with new people,saw some young CM Punk fans,even one decked out with the shirt and the gloves and named him "PUNKITO!" if he was an orphan I'd totally adopt him,so adorable and also makes me sure that there's still hope for fans to appreciate this sport/spectacle.

-Sadly this time I didn't go to the hotel because I had no ride for me and Juanqui to go there and take pics with the wrestlers,oh well next time I will go to the hotel and HOPEFULLY have a fucking car by then,so we took the last train of the night home and that was pretty much saturday,I was dead tired because of the hectic week I had.The important thing I had fun with one of my best friends in the universe,a guy I'm proud to call my almost brother as well as the many friends that have been there with me thru thick and thin :) Next Time I hope the group gets bigger to go to the shows.


-Not much happened I slept most of the day,washed some clothes and headed to the Hospital again to be with everybody but By the time I arrived everyone left so there was just me in the room with my sister-in-law,the baby and my brother,I stayed a but until I called my folks and they were on their way out of the hospital to go home,I hitched a ride with them,also my nephew was with us since he had an appointment the next day and was extremely hyper and a bit difficult to handle(mostly is because of lack of discipline but then again he's like that sometimes whenever they bring him over to spend the night at home).

That's pretty much what has been my Weekend Of Thunder (Part Deux) and hope that there's no more Weekend Of Thunder..for now :P

take care my peeps

Later Gaters

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Man,I'm so pumped but nervous at the same time because I don't want to fuck up such an opportunity:

-For Months,since I lost my job at Nathan's because of schedule conflict and mostly because of Jury Selection,I've been busting my nuts off and hunting for a job at something,I'll admit I slacked off a bit but most of the time was sending resumes left and right,checking the wanted ads,going for interviews,even begging for an opportunity,I lost and gained hope many times,I was starting to feel desperate,mostly because I wanted somebody to give me a chance to work and mostly get out of the house more often,but that is another post for another occasion.

-Vocational Rehabilitation has finally been doing its job for a bit now with me since my so called "debt" was paid,realizing that they were the ones that fucked up and paid the debt in full and also that One person fought for me till the end,Mr. Luis Claudio Alamo,I owe that man everything and I am willing to take a bullet for him because he fought for me and people with the same situations and/or worse,because he truly cares for his job,he could have been fired for it but he wasn't and I owe that man everything,Another person that I owe everything as well and works there is a woman by the name of Ivette Ramos (I think that is her last name I might be wrong) she handles the Job Placement program there and she was also instrumental in helping me become part of the Program they have for people with physical and mental disabilities to get employment(I qualified for this program for my ADD,and also I say this to get the facts straight and for those that Don't Know me or people like me at all,they want to do is start shit for no reason and probably think that I'm cheating the government or something when it's completely false and also if it wasn't for Vocational Rehabilitation I couldn't have paid for College Despite the shit I went thru with them).She noticed that I have the initiative and that I really want to work,the only thing I kept saying to her -and this is true- while completely shaking uncontrollably and shedding tears cause she could see my desperation that all I am asking is for one chance,a chance to prove that I'm capable of working and do my damnedest to keep that job.

(for a complete review about what Vocational Rehabilitation check this entry explaining the meaning and the benefits and also I can't believe it's almost One Year Old this entry)


as for the Job Placement program is they call many places in the area or community and to help out post grads that are qualified for the Vocational Rehabilitation to get you jobs in your living area anywhere and will have like a coach of some sorts accompany them if they get the job and simply monitor your progress in the workforce and while you slowly get the hang of it they will back off but still stop by from time to time to check your progress.Sounds easy to some but obviously you'll be working but you'll have like a boost of some sorts with that but it's great that VR has a program like that to help out people with learning or psychical disabilities to obtain jobs,especially times like these where anyone able or disabled can't find jobs anywhere and basically are either flocking to job agencies to find work,if they do find it,the pay is horrendous and not enough to feed their families and pay debts,others take 2 or 3 or even 4 jobs at the time,just enough to get by or they migrate to the states in other to find work there and send money to their families that were left behind there or Join the Military and won't get to see that money until their tour is over or in case of death,ect..

(If I am completely wrong in some points or in everything please feel free to correct me,I'm human and I make mistakes,I never and will ever claim to be Perfect)

-Other than that,I should be in bed now,but I really can't sleep I got a lot going thru my mind,I really hope I do well,I've begun another soul search inside me,I'm dying to be the old me again,and by that I mean the person who was always happy all the time,and never got depressed again,if I did it was very short lived and went back to be happy again,God how I long to be like that again and finally have closure and put this beast inside me and beat it into submission,not letting take over me,I hate being miserable all the time and even hide it from the people that I care about,I miss being happy all the time and say to any fear that I have "FUCK YOU! I'm Alright cause I'm happy!"

*sighs* Glad I got most of it out of my system,anyway I'm off to sleep,I got a big day ahead of me in the morning,Just a few more days left for the RAW House Show in Puerto Rico on Saturday October 18th,if RAW wouldn't have come I would have love to gone to that REO Speedwagon/Kansas concert..anyway to my friends,family,the people that I love the most (you know who you are) Thank you for everything,and for slowly regaining my hope in everything,I love you for it and hope to make you proud.


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and I bet you want one too and here's how you can get your own

(no I didn't design it though it looks like something that I would do :D)

Go Chris Hero's Myspace at:


and you can order yours via PayPal or money order(for those who don't have a PayPal Account or read the following)

Please send all Paypal orders and
merchandise inquiries to:
All checks and money orders should be sent to:

PO Box 6931
Wyomissing, PA 19610

When ordering from outside of the US,
*MAKE SURE* that you include an additional $5 for shipping.

Get It? Got It? GOOD! :)

and also -though some people know about it- I will reveal my epic halloween/Cosplay for future cons :D

it's gonna be awesome that you might need a DOCTOR! for this one....

*Maniacal Echoing Laughter*

Later Gaters!

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It's not Vader Time it's time for an Update:

-Still Jobless....what a surprise! THANKS COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO!!!

-My Love life is pretty much and still is DOA and it's gonna stay like that for awhile at least

but enough of this shit really,most of you have heard enough about this so I'm not going to say anymore about it.


Moving on:

-I tried some new games like WipeOut HD on PS2(FUCKING EPILEPSY!) and Bionic Commando: Rearmed(GENERAL KILT FOR THE WIN!) I haven't played Force Unleashed yet,I might get it for the PS2....also I want to play the Lego Batman game,looks pretty entertaining...

-Saw a couple of good movies lately and also waiting for some good ones too later on.

-October's gonna be busy as a mofo,I got a baby shower (for those who don't know yet I'm gonna be an uncle for the 3rd time) and it's going to be in my house on the 11th,This Halloween I might pull off the best costume ever (hope hope if I can't do it on Halloween I'll save it for the comic con of December or during 2009) but I won't say which costume will be so keep your eyes peeled,then on the 18th it's the RAW House Show at the choliseo

-I finaly succumbed into getting an Ipod Classic(DAMN YOU STEVE JOBS!!),I did have one but it didn't last much so I had to ship it back to the states in order to exchange it,My dad with the help of my jackoff older brother ordered it online but the thing is that it couldn't be shipped to Puerto Rico so it had to be shipped to his house and then he could ship it to PR,I got it in the mail like a few days later when My dad came home from florida,I wanted to wait for my b-day but he insisted on opening it already to make sure it got safe here and also not damaged,so there are 2 representative stores for Apple called Modernica I went to the one in Plaza to see if they can help me and they sent me to the other one in Paseos (close to where Abe lives) so I went there and they couldn't replace my Ipod because I didn't have the serial number for it the best that the clerk recommended me -though my dad took it as an offense and also calling the guy a fucking slacker because he didn't want to replace the ipod for another one and left the place pissed- is to ship back the Ipod to Florida and that Ricardo would replace the damaged one for a new one and ship it back to PR...

that's pretty much it so far so I leave you with these funny vids:

Later Gaters!

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Ok.... some of you will notice something wrong in this picture XD(especialy those friends of mine who are also wrestling fans like me :P)


saw it? yes that IS IN FACT A JOHN CENA FIGURE.....

now most of you are thinking "You Fucking Hypocrite"(in a joking manner or really meaning it) I know that it looks like it but listen before you all judge me...

Yes..I am holding a John Cena figure,I am not a HUGE fan of Cena,in fact I despise John Cena with a Passion,EXTREME HATRED OF JOHN CENA I OOZE!

but here's why I also made the Decision to Keep said figure:

I won the figure thru a Giveaway Contest thru SmartWrestlingFan,and ever since I've become a regular part of the Podcast,as the many Faithful of the show,I entered the contest and became part of the many winners,and also as much as I despise,hate,loathe John Cena..I'm still keeping the figure because it was a very nice and heartfelt gesture from the people of Smart Wrestling Fan,especialy the hosts Wiggly and Joe Negron...and I will repay that kindness as soon as I can,they have been very cool and awesome with me...so I am definatly keeping it as a token of my friendship with them and also if you love wrestling and also looking for a Wrestling Podcast to enjoy go to their site and download the podcast for free for your Itunes :)

if Wiggly or Joe or Both are Reading This I really want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for the gift :) I always enjoy their stuff weither is the SWF podcast or the CHIKARA Podcast A Go Go on YouTube(that's how I keep up to date with CHIKARA) or any of their other Projects...I truly thank them for welcoming me to the SWF Family :D

Thank you Very Much Guys....

Holla At Yo' Boy One Time


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I've had this livejournal for 4 years now....

I've written and posted a shitload of stuff so here we go:

-Got an E-mail from a small buissness here on the island looking for graphic artists (hey I know but then again I got to find a job at something and mostly was because my dad was all up in my ass to send them an E-mail) and they seemed to be interested since they got my resume like a month and a half ago? anyway at least I got some Feedback and that's what matters and wanted me to send them some samples of my work,I did and so far no response so let's hope I get at least an e-mail with a "Interview Time and Date" At Least...so hope hope!.

-Been going to the movies a lot lately,and so far this year hasn't been a disappointment in films except for "The Strangers" and "10,000 B.C" so it's been pretty good in the box office for now,at least so much better than last year (with the exception of 300,Transformers and a few good movies) Can't wait for Hellboy 2 and Dark Knight(except we'll have to wait another week here in PR) I really want to check out "Step Brothers" (Will Farrell and John C Reily FOR THE COMEDIC EPIC WIN!).

-Just when WWE couldn't suck anymore that it is now,it still does now PLEASE don't get me wrong I love the Fact and the idea that CM Punk is The World Champion,but since there are already and allegedly talks that his title reign will be short lived,He should have been given a big push a long time ago and now that it's finally happened,WWE dosen't want to take a chance at somebody that isn't John Cena or Batista...that's WWE for ya..plus probably the whole Punk Winning The Title was a desperate ruse to get raitings but most importantly to shut the internet smarks up.

-TNA is still a wrestling disappointment (there's a shocker) horrible booking,not pushing great talent and also shitting on,also The World X Cup so far has been disappointing because they are giving the international talent they are bringing not enough time to showcase them,they have great wrestlers like Milano Collection AT,Rey Buccanero and a few to name a few and giving them less time,a 2 minute match isn't enough...if you're going to do an Invitational Tournament featuring talent from Japan,Mexico,UK and other parts of the Globe then Dedicate the 2 hour show with that instead of crappy storylines and some talent that are overated,I don't care about Kurt Angle anymore or his wife,Give Me Wrestling! and also Samoa Joe SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE CHAMP BEFORE THE NWA SPLIT FROM TNA OR AT LEAST START HIM AS THE FIRST TNA WORLD CHAMP! and also the feud with Kurt Angle would have been Epic if they build it the right way instead of rushing it too early so with that I'm going over to check the indy scene(ROH,CHIKARA,PWG ect.),that way at least I can see some great future prospects develop into the future of the sport before they go to WWE or TNA and get held back and watered down...

-Speaking of Indy Wrestling I finally received all 3 nights of CHIKARA's King Of Trios,it was the most Epic Tournament I've ever since since WCW Slamboree 96! IT JUST REEKS OF EPIC AWESOMENESS!!

-Still Single and it's gonna be that way for now....

that's pretty much it...Just Uploading the new DrakeoVlog as I write this entry so nothing left to say but thanks to all that have supported me from this process to Love you all

Later Gaters!

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Time for that update:

**I apologize in advance if I offend some people with the following vent/rant
You have been warned I don't like to create enemies or trouble but I have to get some things out of my chest once in a while like all of us so again I apologize in advance for the language and way that I am writing this post and it's a long one so get something to drink,grab some doritos or a sandwich because I'm shooting from the heart with this one**

-Still at the job hunt,I never got that security job at Party City,I already sent some resumes to different people and still no feedback...I really hope I get a call from anywhere,I still don't get it it's sometimes so unfair that I want to work and nobody will hire me,but they'll give the job to either the Dominican that came from the fucking boat illegally to the island,or the ex con that was just released and has a criminal record or the dropout...or the girl who couldn't keep her legs closed and fucked up big time and has 3 kinds from 3 guys that may not or maybe the fathers and are on welfare cause they're to fucking lazy to work and provide to their kids (nothing against single mothers either so please don't take it personally not all are bad and make mistakes of not using a condom or birth control)and it's fucking frustrating..I don't have a criminal record,I graduated from High School and College (I'm not bragging about it but you know it shows that I didn't waste my whole time even though I'm not the best student in the fucking world) and I can't get a Job anywhere?? WHAT THE FUCK???? I wish I was loaded with cash I'd start my own business like either my own comic/video/figure store or my own wrestling fed..or just round up the crew from atlantic and form our own Graphic Arts/Production company where we can make art for companies or work on creating video games or animation,voice recording and shit...

not bad though right? but in order to make money you got to have money...

sad but true.

-Remember(you 'member,member?) the girl that I liked and broke my heart late last year and tried to give it a shot again..yes it happened again! she broke my heart but this time I took it very well,I didn't get mad or lost sleep I was mentally prepared for the backlash of never being able to hook up with her cause I liked her,I'll still be her friend though and try my best to be there when she needs a friend and such,she decided to be with somebody who is far away,try a long distance online relationship with somebody she met thru gaia,as long as she's happy it's cool..did it hurt getting heartbroken by the same girl again? yeah it did but I'm totally ok with it and also serves me for being stupid and hopeful again,and some of you will probably ask -and she might be reading this but it's cool- what about Mika?,she's super cool and she finally found love with somebody else,we're still great friends and talk when we can,she's doing great at her job,the guy she's with is a total gentleman with her and truly loves her despite everything she's been thru in her life,I'm totally glad she found someone to be with and I wish her the best with her new boyfriend :)

see?,good things do come for those who wait and also I don't need to repeat myself with the whole confusion,both girls that I liked are both happily with their respective boyfriends,so I will continue to walk alone for awhile and still have their frienship which is cool with me :)

-Saw Alicia last friday at borders (Easy with the "GET OVER HER!,YOU DUNCE!" Comments and read before you flame me for being retarded) and yeah I felt like an anchor was pulling me waaaaaaaaay down,because I haven't said a peep or seen her in a year since the whole break-up happened and all the emotional turmoil I went thru,and I was dead set on talking to her,even make an attempt to make peace with her and wish her the best with her Terryman-Less life and I saw her with a guy who was probably one of her friends from her new college or the new man in her life-since I've already moved on with my life and got over the whole break up stage that took me 6 months to get over her and cry and suffer what I went thru and just shake his hand and basically tell him "she's a keeper and a wonderful girl to be with" y'know be the better man and wish them nothing but the best,the minute she saw me she became completely pale and fled in horror with the guy like I was some kind of inhuman abomination and was going to grab her and abuse her in public or something...and I was left standing there with a "WTF?" face and started to lose my balance and hyperventilate that I rushed to the Border's bathroom and stayed there for like a good 15 minutes and just became an emotional wreck in the span of nothing...to be honest..I still tried my best to patch things up with her and give her the explanation of why I never awnsered her txts or calls or why we never met up at the train station close to my house and say what it had to be said for a whole year,I was hurt and angry but mostly hurt by her betrayal and also I didn't know what I would say to her and also to avoid the essential breaking down in public and causing a scene...Eventually I was going to bump into her sometime and eventually we were going to talk about it and if we were calmed enough talk about what each of us were up to and make peace and move on..I never ruled out on a reconciliation even after what happened between us but still I have that worried premonition that even if We did get back together her anal-hardcore religious nut jobs that is her parents would stop at nothing to destroy the relationship again and make both of us miserable but mostly their own daughter's life horrible and make her feel like shit when she never had a choice of her own to stand up to them and stand by me...and I couldn't let it happen again,plus her parents Like I've said before have completely and totally lost my respect as human beings and I rather avoid them in public and not cause any trouble because if they even dare to pull some kind of bullshit remark on me and putting shit on me that I was a horrible person to their daughter and caused her nothing but anguish and grief,I will shoot on them in the face not literally but verbally I will bury them alive and unmask them as the monsters that they are for causing so much angst and anguish on THEIR OWN DAUGHTER and then make me the bad guy when they were the masterminds of all the shit that happened between me and alicia,how they manipulated her and brainwashed her into breaking up with me and not having the balls to say what they had to say about me in my presence even if I was like "that's low" but at least have the fucking decency to be honest and not pull some high school bullshit of talking crap behind my back humiliating me in front of my entire family during the holidays and also use GOD as a fucking cloak for everything and being judgmental with not only me but with her and also some of her friends..what the fuck kind of attitude is that around people,Don't force your beliefs on people that don't want to,they can be respected but don't force it and also can they have a normal conversation that doesn't involve quoting the bible in I dunno EVERY FUCKING SENTENCE!!!,I believe in god and I'm catholic but I don't force my beliefs on anybody...the line has to be drawn sometime but not with these people and that's the end of that!!!!!!!

*sighs* ok now let's move on some other stuff to cover:

-Been wrestling with an ear infection for like 3 weeks now,the infection is gone but it turned out that I have both my ears swollen from the inside but mostly my Left Ear is the one giving me shooting pains and feels like it's plugged completly,I can hear but still Having a bit of problems with it I got it checked and hopefully I can hear again 100% soon

-I'm taking a Hiatus from doing the DrakeoVlogs at least until July (which coincidentally marks the 1 year anniversary of doing them and will plan to do something for the occasion) mostly because I feel burned out,running out of things and Ideas to say on the videos,I'm planing to do some collaborations with my friend Raul who also has a YouTube and does some videos of his own under "Welrod Productions",but I still am getting involved in some online activities and being part on some online shows and meeting new people thru stickam:

-The Debbie Show:


-Jen Williams:


Check them all out whenever you can all of them are awesome people!! also I've been invited to be part and do some podcasts with people that I've met thru stickam so when I get the info for them I'll let you guys know.

I have been busy lately as you can see :)

-Still not reading much comics lately but I still keep up to date with some of them mostly Captain America and Kick Ass(check it whenever you can wait for it on Trade),waiting to catch up with Sinestro Corps Vol 2 when it comes out,JLA (mostly the Brad Meltzer run) and JSA: Thy Kingdom Come when the Kingdom Come Superman comes to the regular DC Universe..FRIGGIN EPIC!

Don't ask me about either Marvel's Secret Invasion or DC's Final Crisis cause I ain't following neither,I'll wait for them on TPBs the same with World War Hulk,I do want to get Incredible Herc on trade,I love the story...so enough with the comics for now we move on with Movies:

-Iron Man fucking rocked,Speed Racer was tripping balls but was good to see,Indiana Jones & TKOCS was awesome as well,The Strangers was sooo predictable,Liv Tyler is hot but not her finest movie,I can't wait for the new Hulk Movie,Hellboy 2,Dark Knight hell even I want to check out the new Adam Sandler Comedy,which comes out this week,and because it's a Pixar Movie and looks good to check out...Wall-E,what can I say I'm still a kid at heart.

Now to the Wrestling Part of my Update (don't worry I'm almost done):

-Still checking out WWE despite being a huge pile of shit,I can't stop watching it,TNA I barely watch it anymore,but I will again thanks to the return of the World X Cup! but I still check out ROH,PWG and CHIKARA thru Youtube and soon I WILL ORDER ALL 3 NIGHTS OF THE MOST EPIC TOURNEY EVER:
KING OF TRIOS 2008!!! I saved some money to order them online,but thanks to a friend I will order them :) and when the DrakeoVlog returns I will review them and also am trying to check out the local wrestling scene here in PR,and might go to WWC's Aniversario 35 so let's see what happens..

If you haven't seen some of the DrakeoVlogs or random vids I've uploaded feel free to visit my YouTube channel:


that's it for now

thanks for everything peeps..

I will survive with your love as always

Peace and Keep On Rawkin'


I'm Still ICHIBAN!!!

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Today was awesome Despite the constant raining.....

-Went to my first Kaisen,had a blast and met up with a tons of friends,and also met up with Frances :) saw some very awesome Cosplays From Optimus Prime,G.I.Joe,Char's Zaku and a few more...it started slow and got huge..hell even Tom Beland came to the con even Kenshiro too,it was awesome,I snaged some cool stuff from Iron Man promotional poster and some stickers also a new gun which I will use for my Cosplay in the DCC Comic Con in June...and a Crimson Guard from the new 25th anniversary GI Joe collection :)

-Then went to pick up Juanyo and then headed to Arnaldo's house(I was with Arnaldo at Kaisen) played some KOF and also saw the Condemed 2 and MGS 4 Demo on his PS3..as we got ready to head to buffalo wings to watch Backlash,then he dropped me home and then left...

I had fun,and I needed it after what I've been thru these past couple of weeks,

I'm posting the pics as we speak on the Drakeospace :D

take care my peeps

and also





later gaters:

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Hey Haven't wrote in a bit but here we go:

-The whole Vocational Rehabilitation thing is over for now,the clusterfuck has been solved and they are going to pay the money "I owed"(HA! told yo' ass I ain't payin' no $3 grand)thanks to the sincere efforts of Mr Luis Claudio Alamo,because of this man the whole problem was solved and he actually fought for me and defended me till the end because he acutally cared about my situation and he didn't have to go thru hell for me,but out of his kindness and also doing what he can because he himself told me that he felt divided and yet he pulled through for me and my family,I am eternaly grateful to that man for that and so is my family,if there were more people like him the world would be a better place...yes I put him over because he put me over during the whole fiasco..so after that was settled I had to sign some documents so they could go on with the payment and also start a job placing program (or something he explained me a bit about it)so if I don't have a job yet or still can't find one I will be notified by them if they find me one (we shall see if it happens)

-Been DVDing like crazy,watching No Country For Old Men (Awesome movie indeed)Wrestlemaniac(Tottaly worth it,thanks riot!) and also watching the many Wrestling DVDs I own,I got the all new ROH DVDs by KOCH entretainment "Stars Of Honor" and "Bloodstained Honor" both $9.99 each (Tottaly Worth IT!!) both are a compilation of the best matches in ROH History.If your a Ring Of Honor Fan or a wrestling fan and you want to enjoy Pay Per View Quality matches GO GET THEM!!!!,also the Triple H DVD is suprizingly superb the box art is tottaly epic!!

-Been also video gaming like before,but mostly playing Fire Pro Wrestling (I finally got the hang of using the saves..it's tricky but effective and I am starting to improove)

-Kick Ass is definatly a Kick Ass comic that it's a must read :D it's done by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr,truly awesome indeed

-New DrakeoVlogs are on their way,I'm finishing up Episode 11 and Episode 12 will also be up this month is a Double Dose of Drakeo Vlogging goodness :)

anyway take care,thanks for everything,peeps,and thank you Ric Flair for all those years of still being a kiss stealin',jet flyin',wheeling dealin',Limousine Ridin' Son of a Gun,being the man and all... and now that you are in the Hall Of Fame,Ric Flair IS indeed Forever!


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Here's Triple Dose of Terryman for your viewing pleasure:

An All New 2 Part DrakeoVlog:

Part 1:

Part 2:

My Reaction to the infamous 2girls1cup video:


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This is truly a very well produced DVD and I Strongly Recommend it...it's so good I fucking wept when they went into detail in all the story especially on the tragic deaths of the Von Erich brothers,Gary hart breaking down on camera about Gino Hernandez...truly it's very powerful stuff.. It is a MUST!! but a fucking MUST HAVE!!!

I still want to get the "Heroes Of World Class" DVD from Big Vision since they talk more about it than in the WWE Version but still it's fantastically well done it has some classic matches(Spoilers Ahead!):
  • practically the entire David Von Erich Memorial supercardother
  • classic matches including a classic Bruiser Brody (HUSS!! HUSS!!) and Abdullah The Butcher match (a great treat especially the Puerto Rico wrestling fans since both men -despite what happened to Brody which 20 years later WE STILL GET A LOT OF HEAT ABOUT IT!-  ARE GODS!
this also marks that for the first time while watching a Wrestling Documentary I've wept..and I haven't wept like that since Eddie Guerrero's Death 2 years ago and the gruesome clusterfuck tragedy of the Benoit family last June...





Take Care My Peeps!

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A lot has been going thru my mind most of this year...to be honest I can't fucking wait to end this year...and begin 2008 with a fresh start and less bullshit than this year...

I've been trying to get back into the game so to speak,and I think it's time to try again with the ladies,after all it has been 6 months and a half since...you know what happened with you know who.I met this girl almost like a year ago when I was still with my gf at the time thru my friend Diego but it was mostly just like friends..ovbiously nothing happened just like another new friend..this went on and on...untill the eventual breakup of this year(I know "GET OVER IT!" I'M ALLREADY OVER IT I'M TRYING TO MAKE A POINT HERE) and Is aw her a couple of times,by the time I've seen her she was allready with someone else and time passed on and she broke up with her fiancee so she was single...untill like 3 weeks ago,we saw each other again and talked a bit and she started to tease me a bit but not in a bad way you know just being playful..just joking arround and she did manage to make me blush :P..

2 weeks passed by and I saw her again and she does it again but this time I started to flirt back a bit,she was feeling under the weather and had a bit of a cold so I did my best to make her feel better and finally caught her number and kept on flirting a bit..then I left and I couldn't get her out of my mind,I txt msged her a few times,hoping that she was allright and feeling better and eventually called her and started talking building some comunication..and maybe see where this was going...untill today..the fact that I didn't get the Hot Topic job since I spent like a month going back and forth and I did filled my aplication and gave the store manager my resume and emphaziced that I WANTED THE JOB...and I didn't get it and it ruined my day,then I see Her (I won't say her name yet) and she's with a group of friends..and I meet them and all then I join her to walk arround plaza hoping to feel better and that I was or still am feeling an atraction to her,I was starting to like her a lot but I don't want to rush into a relationship..at least not yet untill I can get to know her more.

so I'm with her and her friend and then I ask about how she was doing and basicaly told me "I'm doing allright..I'm on a date...just to try something new,ect" and I'm like on the inside "FUCK!!!!" but mostly on the outside obviously trying to hold my composure and went "ahhhhh ok that's ok" they were holding hands right up in my face and I was a bit pissed,but then I was like "I'm gonna go..I'll be arround just in case" then I just left her with her "Date" and went to borders and broke down..I was like "things just got worse...today sucks" and basicaly had an emo moment (wow talk about irony huh? becoming what I don't like being)I broke down in tears I was very hurt and then arnaldo called and he picked me up and went to momo's house to hang out with the rest of the atlantic crew..mostly to just clear my mind...saw a few people I haven't seen in awhile...and just chilled and have a good time and I was doing my damndest to clear my mind but I couldn't I was so angry and hurt but I mostly did enjoy it...

then Arnaldo gave me a ride back home and ate something,took a quick shower and put on History of TNA Year 1 DVD...and I calmed down and talked to Kenshiro about my day and about what happened..I thought about her again and I sent her a txt about her date and hope it went well..I really hope it was crapy as fuck... that way I know I have a chance...but if it went very VERY well...what can I do? Deny her happiness at another shot at love? I'll give it some time...if I do get a call from her then great and maybe ask her out..if not and the date went extrmely well..then I'll move on..

I will give it another shot and maybe ask her out and who knows what could happen...

anyway hope that y'all have had a good thanksgiving take care my peeps and keep on rawkin'

also that normaly by this time I would have done what I called the "Hanzo Awards" basicaly like most pick the best of the best in Pro Wrestling..the best matches,moments,wrestlers,what to expect next year..I decided to pull the plug on the awards this year...maybe I might do them again someday but for now Last Year's Hanzo Awards will be the final one..so thanks for always voting on them the past 4 years but as of now they are no more...

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