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Has it really been a year -year and a half I think- since I've actually posted anything at all here?

I've pretty much left this site for dead,not blogging or even vlogging on YouTube anymore...Reality bites I guess or just decided not to this anymore,Fuck I don't even know anymore,you can call this a DrakeoUpdate or whatever you'd like but since the last time I typed anything revelant except the usual first post of the year a Hell of a lot has happened in my life the past whole year I was away from LJ,I could just write like a list of what happened per say but I'm really not going to cause most of it I really rather keep it to myself and I really should stop dwelling on the past and keep on fucking moving.

Sure it's ok to reminise on the "good ol' days" or the "why the fuck did this should have/would have/never should have happened" moments of sheer stupidity or fuck-upperdom (is that even a word? it should be one) but there are times where you should really just move on and keep going foward and not backward,but then again you sometimes go backward when you want to go foward and yet you do it unintentionaly and subconciously (yeah I can be deep who knew eh?) Story of my fucking life that in a way it's almost a trademark of mine!!!

You think of the people that have been there and those who are now with you and still with you and you just are thankful for being there for everything even though now they are not there like before due to simply life,I can't say other responsibilities or other shit like that because it falls in to "Simply Life" we work to survive(put food on the table,pay the bills,ect) and yeah there is the occasional drifting appart or fallout (God knows how many I've been thru and have happened) the changes,ect but again..Reality Bites.

I'm rambling again,am I? I maybe was born a ramblin' man :P

I really needed to vent here...maybe I can do this again and not go off for a year and a half or even two years without writting something,I'm doing this entry at work since I have no internet at home for a week now and until further notice.

Now for some FUCKING GOOD NEWS though,for the past 6 months I've been in(and still going strong) a wonderful,awesome,sweet,simple,geeky,honest relationship and it's also the kind of boost I needed cause I had relapsed again and ended up in another deep depression,then I meet this girl and took it very slow(though we did meet briefly without even knowing each other like we do know and also that some friends that we have in common wanted to hook us up LOL),started to get to know each other,our likes and dislikes,ect.Started going out just as friends..like I said taking it really slow there was slowly starting to feel a connection and started to talk often and see each other when we could and eventually we did hook up on October 17th and we've been a couple ever since and I thank god everyday for finally finding me somebody that is almost an exact perfect personality-wise compatible person that I can be with and also can even Outgeek me in many ways,I.....dare I say it....finally found love....at long fucking last!!!!!!

anyway,got to get back to work,still got a long day to finish...

Take Care,peeps and Keep on Rockin'

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