Jul. 12th, 2011

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Man! Has it really been 7 years since I've started writting here? Time does fly by too fast...God I'm old XD anyway let's hit them keyboards for yet another Terryupdate:

Now that I got your attention here we go:

Not much to update here really except that other than reading "Flashpoint" I've also been reading a lot of Webcomics: here are some of the titles I'm reading while on the intrawebz while in here or facebook or twitter (follow me if you want to @Drakeo2point0) :

-Adventures of Dr. McNinja

-Cyanide and Happiness


-Questionable Content

-PPG Doujinshi/Grim Tales [yeah I'm a sucker for good art XD)

-Player Vs Player

-Axe Cop

-The Hero Biz


That's pretty much it,if you wanna check em out,do so if not then don't.

It's Straight SImple!


If you've been living under a rock for the past month or so or haven't watched in a long time then you're missing at least some stuff worth mentioning for:

Since June 27 all the wrestling world/universe whichever you prefier to say have been praising (myself included cause I'm a fucking mark still am and will be till the day I die) or hating on or just plain confused like sara pailn's face about CM Punk's now legendary "Shoot" promo on Monday Night RAW,the internet even the world stood still on that night as we all witness a new legend being forged and it hasen't stopped since.

For once in a long time (I could be wrong) since WWE went "PG" is doing an edgy storyline without forcing too much of Cena (though it can't be denied that they have to do it and of course he's part of it) down the people's throats also building stars (what they should have been doing a long time ago) so I'll say it once and I'll say it again: VINCE MCMAHON YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS!!!!! or whoever let this florish to the point that even the true naysayers WANT to buy this PPV for Punk's "Swan Song" in Chicago (yeah we all know he's not going away,just to at least take a break and recharge his batteries and even pop up now and then in Colt Cabana's Art Of Wrestling Podcast [TOTALLY WORTH LISTENING EVERY THRUSDAY!!!])

I've been hard on TNA lately but I will lay off a bit this time because they really tried their best to get back to the formula that made them work all those years ago with last sunday's Destinantion X PPV because they focused on giving the PPV to bring back the X-Division for old time's sake and it was working but then Typical TNA they somehow managed to fuck it up in the process oh well C'es La Vie I guess,but still I'll give them props on putting some talent over and giving oportunities to other wrestlers and not turning it into the "Hogan/Bischoff Let's kill this company and bleed it dry while Dixie Carter stands there looking like a insipid dumb twat (I apologize to some of the ladies reading this in advance) and watch a company that she helped form for almost 10 years go to the fucking ground but wants to really be WWE" (Long title I know)

If they can pull an effort like this,then it might....MIGHT....help them to get better and not really try to duplicate WWE in anyway whatsoever..then again it's been said before so many times I've lost track.

Also..."Joker" Sting?

WHAT THE FUCK? Really??  I will admit though looking at this pic it made me laugh MAYBE I'll give it a chance maybe not...Guess I'm watching TNA again this thursday again just for shits and giggles.

Back to WWE again = Zack Ryder,Scott Standford,Evan Bourne,Daniel Bryan,Sin Cara,Justin Gabriel,Wade Barrett,Drew McEntyre
,Dolph Ziggler

*smacks evnelope in the head gently,opens it and blows on it*


End of WrestleTalk for now!

Those who have known me for years know the love I have for Transformers and my passionate disgust for Michael Bay's handling the way he made the movie(at least he did something right when he cast -mostly by the fans- Peter Cullen to repirse his world famous role as Optimus Prime and also on the recent one by replacing megan fox and also not using those FUCKING racist twins from "Revenge Of The Fallen") Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was Suprizingly Good,and the man who wrote the screenplay Ehren Kruger (who co-wrote the last one) took the screenplay by himself and did an excelent job in not only pleasing the fans of the "Bayformers" (as I call those that like this version of Transformers) but also the Generation One fans and others a like. I loved that there were so many refrences to the cartoon that I geeked out,maybe the only pet peeves other than using linkin park as the main soundtrack AGAIN!! (C'mon Stan Bush needs this more than them!)and also that I really can't stand Sam's Mom SHE NEEDS TO DIE (the character not the actress she's actually good) is the fact that Leonard Nimoy (I have nothing against him really but only this time this is what I don't like of him) after 25 years or so Bashing and Shitting on Transformers saying -and it's documented and if I'm wrong feel free to correct me- that he HATED them and HATED working on the animated movie back in 1986 (ONE OF MY FAVORATE MOVIES EVAH!!!!) and just ranting on how bad it was for him all of a sudden he's the fucking voice of Alpha Trion or Sentinel Prime as he was called in the movie and on the "Bayformers" Universe and has his fucking likeness,it's basicaly a giant robotic Nimoy with a Fu manchu Mustashe/Goatee combo!!! WHAT...THE...FUCK!!!! it's was one of those times where I said to Nimoy... "FUCK YOU SPOCK YOU FUCKING VULCAN HYPOCRITE ASSHOLE!!!" but other than that,I also loved the fucking cameos of John Malcovitch,Frances McDormand,Ken Jeong (He's fucking everywhere these days) Patrick Dempsey and Alan Tudyk (LOOOOVED HIS CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE STEVE THE PIRATE LIKE A MOTHAFUKAAAAAAAAAAH!!!)

TV..not much except watching Conan on TBS cause he's FUCKING CONAN O'BRIEN!!! and occasionaly Lopez Tonight! :)

Music..Got into Eyeshine (Johnny Young Bosch's Band) the usual songs that I love and never get tired listening,Hailstorm's cover of Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" was very well done! and looking for other bands or singers that catch my eye and also the occiasonal "FUCK I HAVE THIS FUCKING SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD" song :D

Games.....I've cut back in Gaming,except playing Mortal Kombat,Super Street Fighter 4 (downloaded the Arcade Edition and it was cool,Evil Ryu looks so fucking Bad Ass) WWE All Stars and downloading some like Streets Of Rage 2 (I'm soo waiting for Comix Zone to be Downloadable) even Bonk's Adventure (haven't played that game in ages)

Thats pretty much it so Peace and Keep on Rockin'!!!




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