Jun. 6th, 2011

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(Yeah I know I said I wasen't going to abandon the LJ then again who the fuck reads this anymore? I'm suprized this still exists but whoever is still reading this,thank you and I'll try not to bore you)

so on to ze update,ja?:

Now that I got your attention here we go:


Well for those who have been living under a rock for the past month or so (mostly myself in a way :P) DC Comics has decided to reboot their entire universe (or Clensing or in my words and many of the few "Another Crisis") in September with 52 titles all starting with new designs and new creative teams and with a #1 with everything,this includes the core titles like Detective Comics,Action Comics,Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,JLA,Green Lantern,Green Lantern Corps,Flash,Green Arrow and Aquaman. Also with the new changes there will be new titles including the return of Justice League International and Attrocius and the Red Lantern Corps will get their own series

The news of this -like most changes in pop culture- has its mixed reviews,some like the idea,others hate it,few are like "meh" but we'll see what will happen this september with the new-new-new-jesus-christ-why are-they doing-this?- new DC Universe.So the chances of seeing Action Comics and Detective Comics hit the #1000 mark for historical purposes? NOT FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!

Don't get me wrong,from what have seen with some of the creative teams that are on board with this I'm tottaly pleased with some of it but was it really tottaly necesary to grab all the titles and just go "We want more new readers so let's start from scratch with......EVERYTHING!!!!" that's something Marvel would do,then again...it's the comic book buissness so it's pretty much the norm,DC dosen't need to do that sure they can get rid of a few titles,not make too much huge MEGA EVENTS or plan many ongoing series then cancel them half thru.
I think IMAGE or Top Cow or even ONI Press hasen't done that,that I know off,Maybe it was a blessing that I never got into the buissness myself in a way,I dunno really.

Other than that I'm on board with the whole "Flashpoint" gig so far it's going great,let's see what happens and hope it dosen't get stale like it was starting with Brightest Day like Halfway thru the end..


Not much to say here except FUCK TNA or IMPACT Wrestling like its want to be called now,Still not watching and I'll never will again untill they either get their shit straight and Fire the cancer that is Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff  or wait untill Vinny Mac Buys it and then uses most of the TNA Roster and place them in the Mid-Card or simple future endevored them all to obvlivion or keep those than can work and push them to the moon,we'll just have to wait but for now we all play the waiting game.....

ROH has new owners....they have good intentions from what most of the talent have said in various interviews or on their own Facebooks/Twitters,they did keep Cary Silkin on the payroll to help out the company so That's good at least,right?

Still loving Dragon Gate USA.....man Gabe Sapolsky should have his own place in the Vatican,I'm just saying :D


Hangover 2,Kung Fu Panda 2,Bridesmaids = Go See them

Priest  = Love the concept but the movie was god awful and mostly it's the type of movie you would see on SyFy

Anyway that's all fo' now and fo' shizzle!!



Peace,Keep on Rockin' Take Care,Spike Your Hair and all that Jazz



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